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and you, you knew the hands of the devil

and you kept us awake with wolves teeth sharing different heartbeats.

dwight, you ignorant slut
"babe.", , 2ne1, 55-david, accents, am i bovvered?, amelia pond, ampersand it bitch!, arrested development, ballet, barefeet, bernard ludwig black, big bang, black books, bom/minji, bosco/faith, boyish charm, brad 'iceman' colbert, brad/ray, brown eyed girls, bryan fuller, catherine tate, celebratory fondue, cheekbones, cherry coke, cl/gdragon, clearly she's disturbed, cocorosie, corona friday, cristina yang, curb your enthusiasm, d/hr, daesung's smile, dani reese, dani reese/charlie crews, dead like me, death by toilet seat, der waffle haus, doctor who, doomed romances, draco/hermione, dylan moran, england, epik high, fairy tales, friday night lights, future popo of america, gd's swagger, generation kill, george did it, girls generation, grey's anatomy, gryffindor, hannibal lecter, harry potter, hating south korea, hearts and the trails, hot fuzz, how very dare you, i surrender to destiny, ilu hdu, jason bateman, jeffrey dean morgan, jessica stam, josh 'ray' person, katniss everdeen, katniss/peeta, korean dramas, kpop, la cerveza mas fina, la llorona, languages, lauren cooper, law enforcement, lee min ho, lee pace, listen you little shit, little book of calm, lord beer me strength, lost, luna lovegood, lunch = wine break, maid of the mist, marie antoinette, marion cotillard, missy higgins, moonlight, natalie portman, ncis, nick frost, nine/rose, overeducated and unemployed, pancakes, pansy motherfuckin' parkinson, police officers, power of 9, pride & prejudice, pushing daisies, rachel mcadams, random fruit cravings, regina spektor, regretting nothing, ron/pansy, rose tyler, running man, ryan gosling, saliva compatibility, sarah shahi, sarcasm at midnight, scrubs, sexuality, shinhwa, silent hill, simon pegg, sistar, skins, sleeping, so nyuh shi dae, song ji hyo, sophia bush, south korea, spongebob squarepants, supernatural, s♥ne, t.s. eliot, tacotacotaco, taeyang's abs, talking wax lions, tasha/tiger jk, ten/rose, that's just plain rude, the hunger games, the janitor, the office, the pie maker, the piehole, third watch, tim riggins, todae, tupac amaru shakur, veronica mars, what kate did, wonderfalls


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